Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Far East Movement - Like A G6 ft. The Cataracs, Dev

Thanks to one of my creative volunteers, we recently introduced the "phone bucket" to our small group meeting times. Everyone deposits their phone in the bucket with no questions asked. Funny thing happened Sunday night when the phone bucket started going off to the tune of Like a G6.

I'm such a youth pastor! I couldn't help myself when I saw such a great opportunity to talk about that song, so music choices and lyrics became our conversation piece for the next 10 minutes. Before you read any more of this, go listen to the song which literally tops all of the charts right now.

The song at face value seems fun and ring tone worthy, but start thinking about it and you may change your mind. A G6 is a really nice jet. So to say something is like a G6 is a reference to cool factor of this sweet and very expensive mode of transportation (although in the video they show a G4... hypocrites =). All sounds good so far right? Well what is so G6 in this video is a night of heavy drinking.

Take a look at the words written in 2 Peter 4:19 "They promise freedom, while they themselves are slaves to depravity - for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him." Here we find Peter's explanation of those who follow the sin nature rather than the Spirit. Just like this fun upbeat video - they "promise freedom" through a night of drinking, but not shown in this video they really are "slaves to depravity." That's the real danger here in my opinion. Fun, catchy song - absolutely. Do I want to walk around celebrating being a slave to depravity, being mastered by alcohol? Singing that song is also speaking that message. Truth is, I'd much rather be a slave to Jesus and His way of life than sin and the consequences of it. Oh and how come the video doesn't show these guys absolutely sick the next morning?